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Chronic Conditions


Guardian Angel understands that suffering from chronic conditions is difficult to manage. Guardian Angel's specializes in helping individuals manage and/or overcome these difficulties. Our clinical care teams are highly skilled and experienced in these conditions.  

You do not have to manage these conditions alone!

Top 8 Chronic Diseases

1. Heart Disease

2. Cancer

3. Chronic Lung Disease 

4. Stroke

5. Dementia/Alzheimer's

6. Diabetes

7. Chronic Kidney Disease

8. Wound Care & Other Conditions

You are in good hands. Our clinical team is highly trained in these conditions, so you do not have to battle it alone. 

8 Ways Home Health Care Improves the outcomes for individuals suffering from chronic conditions.

Cost effective care. 
Home health care reduces the cost per patient by 44% compared to hospital treatment. 

Improved quality of care.  
Home care may reduce patient reoccurring incidents, such as risk of fall or medication mismanagement, among other safety issues.

Decreased hospital and facility stays.  
Patients who utilize in-home health care services spend, on average, 31% fewer days in acute care hospitals and 28.43% fewer days in a rehabilitation facility.

Increase in “healthy days”.
Home care patients report an increase in healthy days over a 12-month period. Better care transitions. In an in-depth review of 34 studies, it was reported that, on average, 27% of client readmissions were preventable. With home care intervention, hospital readmission within 30 days decreased between 12% - 17%.

Control over health.
Patients using home health care report feeling more “in-control” of their health and better able to manage their conditions because of the intimate one-on-one clinical care they are receiving.

Improvement in daily activities.  
In a survey conducted by researchers of the Commonwealth found that home care patients reported improvement in their daily living activities. 

One-on-one care and support.
When patients feel safe and understood, patients gained more trust in the services a health care professional provides in the comforts of their home.

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To keep you Safe.  To keep you Strong. To keep you Healthy.

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