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Physical Therapy (PT)

Managing mobility following an illness, injury or surgery can be a challenge. Even getting to and from medical appointments can be difficult. In-home physical therapy services can help you or a loved one recover and regain mobility in the comfort of your home. With our highly trained physical therapy staff, you can expect expert, compassionate, dedicated care. We come to you and go above and beyond for our clients and the families we work with.

Our in-home physical therapy team can help those in need prevent falls, increase strength and activity tolerance, complete daily activities, use assistive devices, and more. Our team will evaluate the home environment, make recommendations for modifications, and offer best practices for dealing with physical challenges.

Guardian Angel Physical Therapists are medically trained in their profession and will make a difference in your overall function and well-being.

Physical Therapy Services

Let us take your care to the next level.

Physical Therapy is
a valuable health asset.

  • Increase Mobility

  • Manage Chronic Pain

  • Strengthen

  • Rehabilitation

  • Surgical Recovery

  • Maximize Movement

  • Improve Musculoskeletal Dysfunction.

  • Neurological Conditions

  • Stroke

  • Spinal Cord Injuries

  • Chronic Conditions

  • Risk Assessments

  • Increase Rate of Recovery

  • Prevention

  • Manual Therapy

  • Balance & Stability

  • Core Strengthening

  • Fall Prevention

  • and more

To keep you Safe.  To keep you Strong. To keep you Healthy.

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