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Medical Social Work (MSW)

A Medical Social Worker is an essential part of your care. They help to navigate through many of life's health challenges.

Medical Social Work

At Guardian Angel, our medical social workers are here for you. We provide support for patients and their loved ones when financial and legal concerns arise, and provide guidance for a wide range of issues, such as:


  • Living Will

  • Advanced Directives

  • Durable Power of Attorney

  • Do Not Resuscitate

  • Long-term planning.

  • Social and emotional support counseling.

  • Community Resources

  • Collaboration with multidisciplinary teams

Why is Medical Socaiol Work Important?

Home health medical social workers provide the following services to patients:


  • One-on-one education about health and wellness, tailored to patients’ needs, home routines, and goals.

  • Counseling for emotional or mental health concerns.

  • Support with coping skills.


  • Assess emotional factors related to illness, medical requirements, or financial concerns.


  • Recommend short-term services and community resources.


  • Explore non-medical options.


  • Review the patient’s compliance with current treatment.


  • Advise family caregivers.


  • Provide patients with information and counseling.


  • Make referrals for other services.

To keep you Safe.  To keep you Strong. To keep you Healthy.

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